Embrava Now Supports – Not Responding in Genesys Cloud


Genesys Cloud (the new name for Genesys PureCloud) has taken Omni Channel Contact Centres and Unified Communications to a new level. You can now have everything you need from a single cloud platform. As part of this all-in-one approach, they have introduced an innovative way of thinking around presence for all users. Be they Contact Centre Agents or back-office telephony users, all will have what Genesys term “Organizational Presence” which indicates things like OFF-LINE, AVAILABLE, AWAY, BUSY etc..

In addition to this, Agents have an overlay status called “ACD Routing Status” which only applies when they are successfully placed On-Queue. It indicates INTERACTING, IDLE, and NOT RESPONDING states. The Not Responding state is a relatively new innovation unique to Genesys Cloud. It is exceptionally useful for automatically capturing unproductive time, whereby an Agent may be unexpectedly distracted. Additionally, NOT RESPONDING time is a metric made available by Genesys Cloud for Real-Time and Historic analysis.



An agent is ON_QUEUE and wraps up a recent call. They then decide they need to get something from the printer, which should only take 10 seconds. So they leave their position active and step away with the intention of being back to capture the next call. Unexpectedly, the CEO bumps into them in the hall and begins a brief conversation congratulating them for being an outstanding agent for last month. This transforms the journey to the printer from 10 seconds to 5 minutes. During that time, unbeknown to the Agent, the next call was presented, alerted their station for 20 seconds (configurable within Genesys Cloud) and then proceeds to another On-Queue Agent. Because the call was not answered by the Agent that stepped away to the printer, that Agent was placed in the NOT RESPONDING state. Upon return, the Agent should have seen a small window pop up within their browser (alerting them that they were placed into NOT RESPONDING). However it went unnoticed due to other active windows in the foreground related to printing the document. So here is the dilemma, even the most seasoned agent can be unintentionally caught out by being unaware that they are in the NOT RESPONDING state. Eventually,  agents usually realize something is wrong when other agents around them begin taking calls while they are not. This however does not happen if they are working from home.


So yes, the problem has been exacerbated now with COVID-19. Genesys Cloud Agents around the world are now all working from home.



The Embrava Blynclight Series now support the Genesys Cloud NOT RESPONDING state. The Embrava Connect desktop tool can be easily set to make the Blynclight flash and even play a selected tone and volume to alert Agents they have slipped into NOT-RESPONDING. In the Contact Centre team environment, everyone is be made aware through visual and audible means. At home, an agent can get that cup of coffee without panic or concern. The Blynclight series is a small investment for such peace of mind.


Embrava have worked closely with our valued partner and reseller UC Architects to bring you this added functionality and insight to Genesys Cloud. UC Architects are a Genesys Technology Partner specializing in AppFoundry partner products. They support and train Genesys Cloud customers globally.