UCA and eMite Release PureBridge for Avaya Customers

UCA and eMite Announce eMite ECC Analytics for PureBridge

For customers moving from their on-prem Avaya Aura System to Genesys


What is eMite For PureBridge?

  • The transfer of Data from on-premises platform to ECC Analytics in Genesys Cloud
  • Mapping of Avaya Agents to Genesys Cloud Agents
  • Mapping of Avaya Queues to Genesys Cloud Queues
  • Combined KPIs and Measures (Avaya & Genesys Cloud)
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards combining Avaya data with Genesys Cloud
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards representing Genesys Cloud Data in a familiar format
  • Out-of-the-box dashboards for use with Avaya real-time data
  • Professional Services included, additional available at great price

eMite PureBridge Options

  • One Time Transfer (Historical)
    • A Transfer of One Year’s Worth of Daily Data from the Avaya CMS to eMite
  • Daily Transfer (Continual)
    • A Daily Transfer of the Avaya Data
  • Interval Transfer (Continual)
    • A Transfer of Avaya Data Every Interval as defined by the CMS. This can be 15 Mins., 30 Mins. or 60 Mins.
  • Real Time (Continual)
    • Updates every 3 – 5 seconds depending on the size of the CMS platform
    • Combines with the Interval Transfer to Provide Real Time and Historical Data